About Dutagaruda

PT Dutagaruda Piranti Prima (DPP) is a service company that specializes in Labor Providers Management with various abilities and skills as well as experience in field of Education & Training Centers, Recruitment Services, Computer Rentals and Virtual Offices that have been professionally established since 1995.

DPP is supported by a trained, dedicated, friendly, integrated, responsive and professional, coupled with instructors and facilitators as well as a work system that has been prepared based on the conditions that exist in the service user environment.

DPP is very ready to meet the needs for the needs of various business fields in our way and services for Government Institutions, Private, BUMN/BUMD, and Private Companies, anytime, anywhere and within any conditions, we are ready to provide the best service to service users.

Jakarta, 1 July 2021
Drs. Hartono Hadiwiyoto, MM

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